Dear members of the Portuguese community in Turkey,

We advise you to avoid areas where there are a large number of people and to follow, strictly and systematically, all instructions given by the local authorities.

We most especially recommend that, until the end of next week, you:

  • refrain from visiting the center of Ankara and, in particular, the area of ​​Kızılay;
  • avoid traveling to the city of Adana.

Visiting shopping malls is also discouraged.

We also reiterate our advice to avoid large crowded areas, especially those in close proximity to state institutions, including security forces and military facilities.

If you have any news or knowledge of the involvement of Portuguese citizens in unfortunate events, we would be grateful if you would urgently contact the Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Ankara, through the following coordinates:

(+90) 312 405 60 28/29


(+351) 707 20 2000

(+351) 96 170 64 72

(+90) 532 605 13 57

 If you feel we can be useful in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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