“Would you like to have an international higher education experience and join the growing community of people who value themselves with studying abroad? Have you decided that you want to do it, but you haven't decided which country to choose? In this website, you will find reasons to have this experience of studying abroad and to choose Portugal. Here you will also find information of 15 universities, including all public universities.”

– in Presentation, www.universitiesportugal.com.

Within the scope of the UniversitiesPortugal.com project, funded by COMPETE 2020, the member universities of the CRUP - Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities, embodying its effort to attract international students, recently launched the website www.universitiesportugal.com, which is intended to work as a gateway for all those who consider Portugal an option for their destiny of university studies, giving to the users a set of information on the universities and their courses, and on the life in Portugal.

Mobility of higher education students is a global trend (the OECD estimates that the number of international students will increase from 4.5 million in 2012 to around 8 million in 2025) and Portugal and its universities are in a position to assert themselves globally. Aware of the high degree of development and experience that several competing countries have already achieved, the "UniversitiesPortugal.com" project will allow Portuguese universities to increase their influence, affirm their quality, gain experience and import best practices in order to better promote Portuguese higher education internationally.

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