The project

Connecting Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, by bicycle, in a journey of more than 6600 km: This is the goal of Jorge Cristóvão, a 53 years old Portuguese athlete, who started the challenge “Lisboa2Baku” on April 10th with the support of the Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP – Comité Olímpico Português) and the BMW Group Portugal, as a way to honor all the Portuguese athletes competing in the 1st edition of the European Games, that will take place in June in Baku.

This veteran of cycling will be arriving in Baku on June 10th, Day of “Portugal, Camões, the Portuguese Language and Portuguese Communities”, in order to accomplish the important mission of delivering the Portuguese National flag to Baku so that the Portuguese Olympic Team can carry it at the Opening Ceremony of the European games, on June 12th.

Besides transporting the National Flag from Lisbon to Baku, Jorge Cristóvão will also carry messages promoting the 1st edition of the European Games. The adventurous cyclist will have messages from the president of the Portuguese Olympic Committee to his counterparts of several European Olympic Committees in the locations where he will be passing through, including the president of the European Olympic Committee, Patrick Hickley, while in Rome.

As part of this route, Jorge will be stopping at the Spanish, French, Italian, Monegasque, Greek, Turkish, Georgian and Azerbaijani Olympic Committees. The highlight will be the delivery of Mayor of Lisbon António Costa’s Letter, to his counterpart in Baku, Hajibala Abutalybov.

This journey promises to be surprising and astonishing with many different challenges that may occur along the way, passing through the national roads, but also passing by some of the most remote places in Europe. The adventure can be followed through the website in real time.

Over these 6600 km, Jorge Cristóvão will also spread the Olympic spirit throughout Europe and will deliver messages from COP to its European peers in all the different countries and European cities he will be crossing during his journey: Madrid, Monaco, Rome, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Tbilisi and Baku.

The Postman/Cyclist

Jorge Cristovão

53 years old, adventure cyclist, a retired military Air Force colonel.

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