With the support of the Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language and the Embassy of Portugal in Ankara, the film "Visit, or Memories and Confessions", the high achiever Portuguese Manoel de Oliveira, will exibito under the 15th edition of the International Film Festival IF Istanbul.

Here is the festival promotional video:


Deceased in 2015, with 107 years old, Manoel de Oliveira is an unavoidable name in world cinema. His extensive work received numerous awards among which are two "Golden Lion" prize at the Venice Film Festival and the "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes Film Festival.

 The film "Visit, or Memories and Confessions" made in 1982, was only shown after the death of Manoel de Oliveira at the request of the director, and made its world-premiered at the last Cannes Film Festival. This film is now presented for the first time in Turkey - a "gift" for all lovers of art cinema.

"Visit, or Memories and Confessions" will be screened in Istanbul on the 24th of February (21:30; Beyoğlu Fitaş Salon 4) and on the 26th of February (13.00; Cinemaximum Budak / CKM Salon 2) and Ankara at a date to be announced.

To learn more about this movie and get tickets check this link: http://www.ifistanbul.com/en/film/visita-ou-mem-243rias-e-confiss-245es/69/

To learn more about the IF Istanbul International Film Festival see:


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