In 2019, the elections will take place for the European Parliament and for the Assembly of the Republic in Portugal.

Acting upon numerous appeals, voiced by so many in the Portuguese communities’ abroad who wished to participate in Portugal’s political life, the procedure for the electoral registry was simplified. Registration is now automatically promoted, according to the address indicated on the Citizen Card, under conditions of equality with the Portuguese citizens who reside in national territory.

In order to check where you are registered, you may use the voter registration portal,, or request the information from the census commission (Consulate or Consular Section, abroad) of the area of ​​residence indicated on your Citizen Card.

Alternatively, you can also check the voting venue by sending an SMS to the number 3838 (if you have a Portuguese mobile phone), typing the following message:

RE <space> Civil identification number without check digit <space> date of birth YYYYMMDD

Example: RE 1444880 19531007 and dial 3838.

Additional information:

  • If you find an error or lapse in the information regarding your census, you must notify the Census Commission / Consulate / Consular Section or the electoral administration (AE) by e-mail to or, by post, to Praça do Comércio, Ala Oriental, 1149-015, Lisboa, Portugal.

  • In the election for the Assembly of the Republic, you have the possibility to vote by post (as in the past) and now (for the first time), also, in person at your Consulate or Consular Section. If you choose to cast your vote in person, you must communicate such option to your census commission (Consulate or Consular Section) until the day the election are officially schedule (the said communication must be done personally: you will have to go – physically – to the Consulate or Consular Section).

  • Portuguese citizens registered abroad may, at any time, request the cancellation of their registration in the electoral registry, at their census post, unless it is suspended due to an electoral act, which will occur within the 60 days before the election date.

  • If you have been notified by the electoral administration (A.E.), informing you of your registration abroad (RE), and do not intend to be registered, you can return the said notification, duly signed in the field made available for that purpose. The RE is voluntary.

  • Voters registered in the national territory, who are displaced abroad, may vote in advance, provided that they meet one of the following criteria:

  1. By inherence of public duties;

  2. By inherence of private duties;

  3. When displaced abroad in official representation of a national team, organized by a sporting federation with public utility status;

  4.  Students, researchers, professors and research fellows displaced abroad in higher education institutions, research or equivalent units recognized by the competent ministry;

  5. Patients in treatment abroad;

  6. Those living or accompanying the voters mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.

The right to vote for those who fulfill one of these criteria shall be exercised at the diplomatic, consular or external delegations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between the 12th and 10th days prior to the election day.

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