Dear compatriots,


The increasing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey, as in Portugal and in the rest of the World, has brought a profound disturbance to the daily lives of each of us, consequence of the - quite rightly adopted - measures to fight and prevent further spreading of the disease.

In this difficult time, which we are all going through, solidarity between peoples, countries and individuals is increasingly important. As a result, the Embassy and Consular Section of Portugal in Turkey follows with close attention all situations related to the members of our community and advises the Portuguese residents in Turkey to follow, with prompt diligence and rigor, the instructions of the Turkish government; as well as the World Health Organization recommendations.  

We are faced with troubled times indeed, which can evoke feelings of discouragement and even despair. However, it is of utmost importance to remain united and serene, realizing that the solution to overcome this scourge also depends on us, individually and collectively.

The Portuguese Ambassador, the Embassy and the Consular Section, as well as all our staff, sincerely wishes you, our countrymen who reside here, good health.



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