Today, after I presented my credential letters to the Head of State of Turkey, I want to welcome all visitors of this page.

At the Embassy of Portugal in Ankara, we are a team, working with a goal to serve Portugal’s interests in Turkey and providing support to Portuguese citizens, whether residing here, or only passing through, on business or tourism.

In collaboration with AICEP - Portuguese Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Foreign Trade - we will continue to promote the Portuguese Brand among the Turkish population, in order to raise their interest about investing in Portugal and its distinctive advantages, as well as supporting the flow of good quality and original Portuguese products into the Turkish market.

Together with Camões - Institute for the Cooperation and promotion of Portuguese Culture and Language - we aim to continue nourishing Turkish public’s taste and enthusiasm for Portuguese art, music and literature.

Finally, I hope you to find on this page, besides the information you seek, features that will awaken your enthusiasm for travelling to our country, facing the Atlantic Ocean and discover, or rediscover, the diversity of landscapes, the cuisine and the traditions of Portugal, from where we departed one day looking for the rest of the world “for seas never sailed before”.

Jaime Leitão

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